Organic Traffic

organicOur Organic Traffic is different with other service, here you can choose your keyword (max 3 Keywords) and Search engine (max 3 search engines, ex : Google, Yahoo, Bing and Min 2 search engines) so your traffic will track on Google Analytic as Search Engine with your keyword not redirect or referral.

With this Organic Traffic will make your website more professional and more valuable , it can increase your sales, higher your rate of closing sales because Organic traffic is driven from search engines.

Our method of search engine placement is unique and established.  We have served thousands of customers of the years and all have received excellent results.  Increased sales, visitors and activity!

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Organic Traffic




Description Organic Traffic

  • Unique IP address from search engines
  • Real people and not bots
  • Increase your search engines Page Ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Hits counter in Google Analytics
  • Traffic come from your niche/ keywords