It is a service provided by TCP/IP protocol. It allows you to connect to other computers or networks by simple names instead of requiring memorization of IP addresses. The Internet maintains two principal namespaces: the domain name hierarchy and the IP address system. The Domain Name System maintains the domain namespace and provides translation services between these two namespaces. Internet name servers implement the Domain Name System. The top hierarchy of the Domain Name System is served by the root name servers maintained by delegation by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Below the root, Internet resources are organized into a hierarchy of domains, administered by the respective registrars and domain name holders. A DNS name server is a server that stores the DNS records, such as address (A, AAAA) records, name server (NS) records, and mail exchanger (MX. com ) records for a domain nameFname Farid. com. mx Facebook (see also List of DNS record types) and responds with answers to queries against its database.

A name server is a computer Hardware or software server that implements a network service for providing responses to queries against a directory service . It translates an often humanly-meaningful, text-based identifier to a system-internal, often numeric identification or addressing component. This service is performed by the server in response to a service protocol request.

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